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Abort during the registration!
Payment will be effectuated on the website of our payment service provider. If the registration process is interrupted, registration is blocked for approx. 30 min due to security reasons. Please retry after this period. (The registration interface requires for JavaScript to be enabled.)

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If payment was successful you will instantly see a success message from SaferPay on our website; in addition you will receive an email confirming your tournament participation.
In case you do not immediately receive one of the two mentioned messages, please contact the Spielbank Wiesbaden by phone: +49 (0)611-536170.

No cancellation but rebooking without servicefee!
Cancellation of your participation - for whatever reasons - and reimbursement of your participation fee is unfortunately impossible. If you are unable to participate, we would gladly book you onto another comparable tournament; or you can sell your seat to another person.

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